Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer PCE Liquid 50% for Concrete Admixture
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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer PCE Liquid 50% for Concrete Admixture

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer PCE Liquid 50% for Concrete Admixture

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer PCE Liquid 50% For Concrete Admixture This product is a new generation of environmental
Basic Info
Model NO. KC-SC80
Air Content <3
Cholride Ion Content 0.6
Application 1 Floor Leveling Mortar
Company Type Manufacturer and Export
Sample Order Acceptable
Transport Package Plastic Barrel
Specification L=1.15m H=1.2m W=1m
Trademark Kaicheng
Origin China
HS Code 38244010
Production Capacity 9000t/Year
Product Description
Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer PCE Liquid 50% For Concrete Admixture

This product is a new generation of environmentally-friendly polycarboxylic acid high-performance hydrazine type water reducing agent developed by our company. Under the alkaline condition, the hydrazine type itself undergoes hydrolysis reaction, thereby releasing carboxylic acid groups with dispersing properties. Achieve a long-lasting dispersion effect, in addition to excellent sealing performance, it also has a certain water reducing effect, and significantly improves the cohesiveness of concrete and improves the concrete performance.Product technical performance1. Special molecular structure and special branch structure design, which is used for hydrolysis reaction in fresh concrete. By adjusting the branch structure, the hydrolysis rate can be adjusted within the effective time to achieve selective protection effect.2. Slow release property,This product is blended into concrete, slowly hydrolyzed, releasing carboxylic acid groups to achieve long-lasting dispersion effect, achieving ideal preservation effect.3. The higher strength increase rate, the concrete mixed with the product does not change the setting time, overcomes the shortcomings of the general retarder to make the concrete final setting time too long, and the early strength development is too slow.Product Uses

pce slump retention type concrete water retaining agent

polycarboxylate superplasticizer can be used for precast concrete,SCC concrete,ready mix concrete,self-leveling mortar,etc.

concrete test for your reference

Standard testing=1.2 g PCE + 87g Water + 300g Cement

Dosage of 50% PCE % Ratio of Water reducing %(at least)0.03: 28-30 0.35: 28-300.4 : 320.45: 320.5 : 32-400.6 : 35-40Weight of PCE Dosage=Dosage suggested * (Weight of cement + fly ash + mineral )(50% mother liquid) tested by Shanlv P.O.42.5 ordinary portland cement,with the dosage of 0.32% CL-SR-50:CL-WR-50=4:687g water+0.96g CL-50+300g cement
time(min)slump variation retentionstate

Scope of applicationThis product is especially suitable for various water conservancy, port, transportation, bridge, subway, electric power, etc., and has various high performance requirements for concrete slump.After compounding with carboxylic acid, this product is suitable for high-strength, high-performance, high-durability super-flow vibration-free self-leveling, self-compacting and steel fiber and other special concrete, subway tube, slag-free sleep rail and other precast concrete and long-distance transportation. ConcreteInstructionsThe recommended range of product is 0.35%~0.65%. The specific amount of cement and mix ratio should also be determined by experiment.This product has a low water reduction rate and is recommended for use in combination with a water-reducing mother liquor. The optimum compounding ratio should be determined according to the test. This product can be combined with various functional admixtures such as polycarboxylate water reducer and various retarder air entraining agents. The best compounding should be determined through experiments before use.PrecautionsThis product is an alkali-free liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid, no pollution to the environment, not edibleIf you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse them with clean water as soon as possible, causing allergies to some people. You should seek medical treatment promptly.

1 specification

Table 1, Slump Retention Homogeneity Index

inspection item


inspection result



Colorless to yellowish or brown viscous liquid







Solid content



alkali content (Na2O+0.658K2O %)



chloride content(%)



sodium sulfate content(%)



1 h net cement paste fluidity mm



Table 2 Concrete application performance

inspection item


inspection result

Water reducing rate(%)



Atmospheric pressure bleeding rate (%)



pressure bleeding ratio(%)



Air Content(%)



slump retain value mm













ratio of compressive strength

ratio of compressive strength(%)










Effect on reinforcement corrosion

No rust

No rust

ratio of shrinkage (%)



Time (min)slump variation retention (mm) state

4 Our Advantage:

The Dosage of our PCE is lower than the normal ones.The Ratio of water reducing admixture of our PCE is higher .Low dosage of our PCE to save customer's money.

Advantage of our PCE:Our PCE will make the less slump loss of concrete.Our PCE will bring higher compressive strength of concrete .Our PCE can make workability of concrete best .Our PCE can make longer retention time of concrete.Our PCE can make lower shrinkage of concrete.

Suitable for compounding long-distance transportation.Suitable for compounding normal concreteSuitable for compounding high durable concrete.Suitable for compounding high-performance and high flowing concrete.Suitable for compounding SCC concrete.

PrecautionsThis product is an alkali-free liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid, no pollution to the environment, not edibleIf you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse them with clean water as soon as possible, causing allergies to some people. You should seek medical treatment promptly.Packaging and storageThis product is liquid, plastic drum, 1 ton / barrel or 200KG / barrel, can also be used for tank storage and storage process anti-seepage and leakage prevention, anti-exposure, anti-high, one year, after the expiration should be tested to determine the useThis product is not flammable and not explosive.FAQ

A1: We are a manufacturer which have specialized in concrete water reducers,chemical materials andother cement additives for 7 years in China.

Q2: Is it a dangerous merchandise ?

A2: Not dangerous merchandise, Not legal inspection merchandise.

Q3: How is your production capacity?

A3: We can produce final products 3000 tons per mouth.

Q4: Could you offer free sample?

A4: Yes, we can provide free sample with product description for your testing. Please send us your consignee account number of DHL for the purpose of our arrangement of delivery.

Q5: What's your delivery time?

A5: Within 7-10 days after deposit recived .

Q6: Could you do OEM or ODM?

A6: Yes, we can make packing and logo as customer request.If you have special needs ,please contact us.

Q7: What's your export port?

A7: Usually in Qingdao Port.

Q8: Can you provide technical support?

A8: Yes, we can provide on-line technical support at any time. If necessary, on-site guidance is available.

Company IntroductionHenan Kaicheng New Materials is located in Weihui industrials area, henan province. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters and invests 10 million yuan for the first phase.It is a high-tech enterprise with concrete admixture as the leading product ,integrating R&D,production and sales.It is a member of the China Construction Materials Federation concrete additives branch.It has the leading technology level in China,high-quality production environment,first class production equipment,and operating procedures that meet national production standards, is a production, study and research base of Henan Science and Engineering University,own the largest R&D center with most complete equipment in the same industries in Henan province.It has 5 senior engineers and 6 engineers, specializing in the research and development of concrete admixture related technologies.owning two series of more than ten kinds of new concrete admixtures. The production capacity is 90,000 tons per year, including 80,000 tons of polycarboxylic acid deries and 10,000 tons of naphthalene series.>Certifications Of Our CompanyThe products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification,environment managerment system certification,occupational health and safety management system certification,China national Complusory Product Certification and China Railway General Administration Railway Product Certification Center certification, also is one of the few railway product certification manufacturers in Henan Province. >Productions and ExportsHenan Kaicheng continuously improves its business model and pays more attention to product quality, and provides customers with the best technical services.A series of products have been promoted and applied in many large-scale projects around the country and in the world,such as Xinxiang city Chamber of commerce building,Jincheng International building,Jiayi Mingzhu building,Henan province jixi Expressway,Anyang Ring Expressway,Xinjiang Xiaocaohu to Urumqi Expressway and so on.All of them have the strong support for the new materials of Henan Kaicheng company.After testing, the performance indexes of all products produced by Henan Kaicheng new materials co.Ltd are the better than those of similar domestic products and the market prospect is very broad.Corporate goal: To create a first-class brand of China's Concrete admixture.Enterprise mission: Promote the building of human civilization and build a green and harmonious home.Value View: Quality Professional Services Innovation Team.Business philosophy: cooperation and win-win mutual benefit!Enterprise Mission: integrity based, virtue of the world.Quality policy: Customer satisfaction is our only pursuit!